Space Diving Is Ultimate Extreme Sport


Space diving is when you jump from a plane or spacecraft high enough to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. According to the 2007 article in the Telegraph out of the UK, this extreme sport will soon become popular daredevil sport like bungee jumping and skydiving.

In the 1960s US Air Force Captain Joe Kitt Inger jumping from a height of 20 miles, reaching speeds of 700 miles while diving from space. Now skydiving enthusiasts want to break this up. Those who want to participate in this extreme sport should also be aware of the risk of death is very likely, and so far 22 people have died trying to do this.

There are a few brave individuals who are willing to make space diving. Daredevil Felix Baumgartner intends to achieve this objective in the summer and he wants to jump from a height of 36 kilometers above New Mexico, according to Space Exploration Network. Baumgartner also like to have predicted his victory, he will get people interested in space diving as extreme sport.

Because diving from low Earth orbit (LEO) is a special form of skydiving, you should get months of training with certified coaches who have experience in sports. You should also buy a specialized accident insurance and life insurance because this project is risky and you could be injury or even death. You should also research the types of suits and other gear required for space diving. Ask your teacher lots of questions and make sure that you are physically and mentally ready before you make your first (and perhaps only) attempt.

Scientists are developing the perfect suit for space divers in the future. They noted that the case will include accompanying helmet, gloves and boots, and this issue will include a liquid cooled thermal regulation system. The case will be little gas jets to help the body adapt to weightlessness in the upper atmosphere of the Earth and this issue will be protected against leakage of oxygen.

There are some benefits of space diving. It allows you to explore the earth in a way that you can not explore just by reading about it or watching documentaries about the planet. If you jump space you’re in a better place to discuss what you learned about the planet to the other. Space diving allows you to take risks in life and achieve a goal that very few are able to do. It also tests personnel skills and spiritual strength in ways that you never thought of.

Finally, space diving is a rare but potentially important extreme sport. This project is not for those who do not have extensive experience in skydiving and it is not for those who are not the bravest of this type of sport. Space Diving gives you the opportunity to actively learn about the planet and you’ll become a better rounded as a person.


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