Guide to buying a telescope


So, you have decided that you want to buy a telescope. In my honest opinion it is one of the best decisions you will ever make. But trying to work out which one to buy is not easy, there are so many different options that it can drive you nuts.

It is easy to get a lot of concepts and analysis paralysis. The truth is if you stick with a reputable brand from a trusted store, there are only a few important things you really need to know. Questions to ask yourself really.

Ask yourself these questions

What I want to watch?

The Moon and nearby planets, Deep Space or both?

Where do I want to look at it from?

Your home (consider local light pollution) or out and about (how portable it can be).

What can I afford to pay?

Including all necessary and must have accessories

Choose The Right Type Telescope

Refrigeration Actor

Best of the Planetary observation

Pros: Easy to use and little or no required maintenance

disadvantages: they are heavy and bulky and the cost of the lens will limit the size you have material


Best Deep Space observation

Features: Mirrors are cheaper than lenses and they are good for night time viewing

Cons: Can be brittle and fragile and will need to be cleaned and aligned regularly


Good for Deep Space and Planetary observation

Features : Good all rounder as well as being easy to use and portable

Cons: They are more expensive than reflectors

Fix budget

An Astronomical Telescope can be astronomically expensive and so you want to make sure you’re going to get the best bang for your buck. Some stargazing dreams may need to take a reality check at this point but do not worry as there are some excellent beginner scopes between $ 50 and $ 600 to get astronomical experience running.

know which accessories are Essential

It is important to note that there are some accessories that are essential – if endorsed scope phone does not come with a tripod or mount you will not have a happy view and so you are going to buy them. With essentially out of the way are some very useful tools that you are soon going to want to get the astronomical Arsenal as engine size and a red flashlight. When you’re all set up correctly, and that the sky is not the limit, it is just the start of it!

Find Good Supplier

When it comes to buying a telescope – Buy a trusted brand from a trusted supplier. Decent selection is a bonus and important to many will be a good level of after sales support. Good binoculars are not toys!


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