Astronomy DVD – Planets DVD With Virtual Space Simulator


Have you ever wondered if there is life on Mars? What are the rings of Saturn? How much would you weigh if you landed on Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system? As the earth would they be most likely to survive? What do surface of planets look like?

You will be pleased to know that planets DVD called “3D Astronomer” has numerous guided tours of the universe as well as software that simulates the spacecraft flight in space. Use space simulator software available on this planet DVD, you can navigate through the entire solar system and beyond. You can even navigate outside the Milky Way. This allows you to discover the secrets of the entire universe -. Sun, moon, planets, natural satellites all the planets, stars, remote galaxies, and all other known celestial bodies

this Planets DVD contains real data collected by NASA from the many space exploration projects and the European Space Agency (ESA) Hippacros her (High Precision Parallax Collection Satellite) astrometry Project. You will find the real, high resolution taken from space exploration programs, powerful telescopes, and artificial satellites. Surface images of various planets and their moons are truly breathtaking and have been taken from various space probes.

trips to the planet will be interesting with a guide who will keep you excited for weeks or even months. Astronomical software available on this planet DVD will enable you to see how the planet might have looked in the past. It will also enable you to see how the planet could look in the future. You can view the Earth from multiple angles in space. This creates an awesome three-dimensional image of the earth.

Actually 3D astronomer Planets DVD not only the planets. It is the entire universe. It contains data about the sun, the moon, the moons of all planets, 3840 near earth asteroids, comets, Meteors, more than 100,000 stars, distant galaxies, red dwarfs, white dwarfs, red giants, quasars, Pulsars, Black Holes and all other known in the universe.

can have fun with this planets DVD or you can use it to get in-depth knowledge about the universe. It is used by professionals such as astronomers and astrophysicists. However, ease of use makes it very popular among amateur astronomers and among children who love the night sky and want to learn astronomy. It is a great educational tool that makes learning fun astronomy. Unlike dumb computer game, this program is full of informative facts that are often amazing. Some facts are so amazing you will agree that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

You get a life time free updates and upgrades on these planets DVD. You can deliver to your door or you can download the content of this Planets DVD a few minutes of Internet.


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